Second Prize - 10,000 euros

Photo by Piotr Droździk
Photo by Piotr Droździk

Cracow Golden Quintet

Special prizes:

Cappella Gedanesis – invitation to a concert with Cappella Gedanensis or a recital

Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice – invitation to a recital in the concert series "Stage for the Youth" in the artistic season 2020/2021

Cracow Golden Quintet

Natalia Jarząbek – flute

Damian Świst – oboe

Tomasz Sowa – clarinet

Małgorzata Wygoda – bassoon

Konrad Gołda – French horn

The quintet has had success at the international forum, e.g. at Chamber Music Competitions in Jawor in 2015, London in 2015 and Rome in 2016, the Woodwind Chamber Music Competition in Madrid in 2016, Davorin Jenko in Belgrade in 2016 and ‘Enkor’ in Düsseldorf in 2016.

The quintet has performed at the festivals in Armenia, Finland, Austria and Poland. The artists have recorded for such labels as Dux and Warner Classics and for the Austrian Radio ORF.


Grażyna Bacewicz: Wind Quintet