The unknown string quartet by Miłosz Magin in the Competition

The 2nd Stanisław Moniuszko International Competition of Polish Music, held between 11 and 18 September 2021, will see a special prize for the best performance of a composition by Miłosz Magin. We would like to interest string quartets in an unique work written by that composer and preserved only in manuscript, namely his String Quartet from 1957.

Magin wrote the quartet during his studies with Prof. Kazimierz Sikorski at the State College of Music in Warsaw (now the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music). It was his graduation work, for which he won a diploma with distinction!

The composition is written on 29 pages of a manuscript. The first movement Allegro has already been copied by Editions Concertino, but the edition does not include the parts and the whole of the second movement Moderato, which has so far only remained in the composer’s manuscript form with corrections made by his wife, Idalia Magin. Interestingly, the composition is still waiting for its world premiere performance!

Courtesy of Margot Magin, the daughter of the composer, the copy of the manuscript has been made available for the purposes of the Competition. String quartets can consult the manuscript of the score by contacting us at

Margot Magin has also sent the following words addressed specially to the participants of our Competition:

- I am happy to be offering a Special Prize for the best performance of a composition by Miłosz Magin at the prestigious 2nd Stanisław Moniuszko Competition of Polish Music. I think it is a perfect way of disseminating the works of my father worldwide. I am proud and very happy that Institute of Music and Dance has included Miłosz Magin amongst the 56 most distinguished Polish composers. I hope that the pianists and instrumentalists will familiarise themselves or deepen their awareness of the diversity and richness of Miłosz Magin’s compositions, which were mostly inspired by Polish music. I hope they will enjoy his music, enter it into their repertoires and present it in front of a wide audience. By doing that, his music will live on... 

You can find the composer’s biography and selected works (included in the programme of the Competition) in the link below:

The unknown string quartet is sure to become an interesting item in the repertoire of our participants and a rediscovered gem for music lovers, musicologists and audiences to be heard as soon as in September of this year at Artur Malawski Podkarpacka Philharmonic in Rzeszów.

We are looking forward to your applications for the Competition submitted until 14 May 2021 through online application forms available at:


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