Sheet music

The bookmark “Composers” contains all the works, written by the fifty-six composers selected for the programme of the Competition, which were found during the research and which qualify for the instrumental requirements stipulated in the rulebook of the Competition, including works which have hitherto been considered forgotten or which only exist in manuscript form. Those items which can be purchased, rented or downloaded are attached with source references. Their availability can be confirmed in the following bookmarks: “Chamber works”, “Piano works” and “Works for piano and orchestra” (only including the items selected for the final stage of the Competition).

The lists might not be complete and therefore it will be acceptable to use alternative available sheet music (legally obtained) or compositions other than the ones listed in the bookmark “Composers”, provided they meet the requirements stipulated in the rulebook of the Competition (regarding specific composers and specific types of compositions).

A rich variety of valuable scanned sheet music can be obtained from the Polona website and the University of Warsaw Library. Due to the expiration of the authors’ economic rights, protection of critical source editions and publishing rights, they can be accessed and downloaded free of charge. Public domain materials from music collections kept at other Polish libraries are available from the website of the Digital Library Federation.

An extensive selection of sheet music can be found at the Polish National Library (Biblioteka Narodowa), which also offers copy services. Libraries scattered throughout Poland house sizeable, albeit dispersed, collections of Polish music. Numerous works by Polish composers, especially those written after 1946, are also kept at the Library of the Polish Composers’ Union.