Ãtma Quartet, photo by Anita Wąsik-Płocińska

Concerts performed by the Ãtma Quartet

We are happy to announce three concerts to be performed by the Ãtma Quartet, the winner of the Competition’s Second Prize in the “chamber ensembles category”. The concerts will be held in September 2020 in the ‘Z klasyką przez Polskę’ (‘With Classical Music Around Poland’) series organised by Polski Impresariat Muzyczny (Polish Music Production Company).

The artists will perform in the following places located in the region of Mazowsze (Mazovia):

Grodzisk Mazowiecki on 4 September,

Ojrzanów on 5 September,

Tarczyn on 6 September.

The programme of the concerts will feature string quartets composed by Joseph Haydn, Stanisław Moniuszko and Karol Szymanowski. 

Feel welcome to spend a musical weekend with the Ãtma Quartet!

More details of the events can be found on the website of the organiser – Polski Impresariat Muzyczny.